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  • Gins addiction

    White Gin, Blackcurrant, Absinthe, Lemon, Mint. White Gin, natural...

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  • Northern Lights

    Grapes, Licorice, Mint, Menthol. White Grapes, Black Grapes, Licorice,...

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  • Joplin 10ml

    Blond Tobacco, Honey. Dandy line by Liquideo. A blend of fruity Blond...

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  • Club

    Caramel, Blond Tobacco, Vanilla, Whiskey, Almond, Pecans. Dandy line by...

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  • Red Astaire

    Redberries, Grapes, Eucalyptus, Anise, Mint. A Red Berry blend with...

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  • Venus in vapes

    Anise, Treacle, Apple, Cream, Vanilla. A touch of Anise, sweet Molasses,...

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  • Spock

    Pineapple, Mango, Coconut, Dragon Fruit. Evolution line by Liquideo....

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  • Blue Monday BBD

    Blueberry, Anise, Citrus, Eucalyptus. A really delicious e-liquid. The...

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  • Clearomizer CE4

    Top Coil (integrated) Clearomizere. Dismountable drip tip, with a...

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  • Wild Bramble BBD

    Blackberry, Vanilla, Honey, Blackcurrant, Basil. A Blueberry and...

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Accumulators are batteries for "Mod" type electronic cigarettes. The MXJO 18650 is the market reference for mod batteries.  This battery supports sub-ohm coils and preserves the electric stability of the mod, thus reducing the heating of the e cigarette.   Ideal for all types of use, the MXJO 18650 excels in terms of performance and autonomy. 

9,90 €
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