1. A unique Sponsorship program


2. Rewarded Loyalty


3. Big cart Discounts




A unique Sponsorship program

In most e-shops, the Sponsor receives a voucher only for the first order of its Sponsoree ... and that's it!

At EcigOnly, we don't agree with this! We believe that each order performed by a Sponsoree is the result of the Sponsor's efforts. This is why our Sponsors receive a voucher one EACH AND EVERY order* placed by their Sponsorees.

Its very simple :

1 - The Sponsor invites several of its friends through our form. The form is available at the end of each order or directly in your client account.

2 - The Sponsorship is active when the Sponsor's friends create an account on EcigOnly and make their first order above 40€*.

The Sponsor receives a voucher amounting to 5% of its friend's order. The voucher is directly placed in the Sponsor's client account.

The Sponsoree receives a free Halcyon Haze of its choice as long as its first order is above 40€*.

3 - At that moment, each time one of your friends places an order above 40€*, a voucher amounting to 5% of your friend's order will be granted to you.

* offer available only for order above 40€, including discounts and rewards.


Peter decides to participate to the Sponsorship program.

He lists the email addresses of his friends Julian, Andrew, and Caroline in our form.

Julian, Andrew, and Caroline receive an email indicating they may choose a free Halcyon Haze e-liquid by placing an above 40€ order, thus confirming their Sponsoree status.

Julian creates an account on EcigOnly. He chooses his free Halcyon Haze and places a 40€ order.

Peter receives a 2€ voucher (5% of 40€) and officially becomes the Sponsor of Julian.

Later, Julian places a new 40€ order.

Being Julian's Sponsor, Peter receives another 2€ voucher, totalling 4€ in his Sponsor account.

Andrew creates an account on EcigOnly. He chooses his free Halcyon Haze and places a 30€ order.

As the order is below the 40€ threshold, the free Halcyon Haze becomes nil, but the Sponsorship is active.

However, Peter does not receive any voucher from Andrew's order. Oh Andrew, come on !

Caroline creates an account on EcigOnly. She chooses her free Halcyon Haze and places a 120€ order.

Peter receives a 6€ voucher (5% of 120€) and officially becomes the Sponsor of Caroline.

At the same moment, Julian places a 55€ order.

Peter receives a 2.75€ voucher.

Thanks to Julian and Caroline, Peter now holds a 12.75€ discount.

He can either wait to receive more, invite more of his friends, or use it on his next order.

It's so nice to have friends :)


Rewarded Loyalty

The Loyalty program is very simple :

For every 10€ spent provides you with a 0.50€ loyalty discount that you can convert into a voucher in your client account.

It's that simple !


Big cart Discounts

At EcigOnly, we encourage big carts by providing instant discounts.

For every cart priced between 50€ and 99€, you are entitled to use the 5% discount. (COUPON50)

For every cart priced above 100€, you are entitled to use the 10% discount. (COUPON100)

These vouchers are both available in your cart.