What is an electronic cigarette? What is an e-liquid? Does it work? Is it dangerous? 

All these questions have crossed our mind at the mention of the e-cigarette. The first instinct is to talk about it around you with your family, your friends to get a quick idea on the issue. Intrigued or encouraged, you undertook a searching frenzy to build your own opinion with the intimate hope that you have finally found an efficient way out of tobacco or to at least control your consumption without frustration. We will assist you through the universe of electronic cigarette based on our own experiences, our failures, but mainly our successes.


What is an e-cigarette


An e-cigarette is nothing more than a battery powered vaporizer. This vaporizer, also called clearomizer (note that there are many variants of sprays such as cartomizer, but for the sake of efficiency, we only talk about clearomizers in this guide) can turn your e-liquid into vapor.

Let us take the example of an e-cigarette Evod Kangertech. It is composed of a clearomizer Evod and a battery Evod 650mAh from Kangertech. 




The battery is a common lithium battery with a variable autonomy based on its amperage (650mAh or 1000mAh).

The clearomizer is composed of a base which hold the coil, a tank and a Drip tip:

-The Base allows to link the clearomizer and battery.

-The Coil heats your e-liquid, moving it from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

-The Tank hosts your e-liquid reserve and allows the evacuation of vapor by the central column.

-The Drip tip is the part that you place between your lips to inhale the vapor.

When your e-cigarette is assembled, that your battery is charged and your clearomizer is filled, just press the switch on the battery and slowly inhale the vapor.


What is an e-liquid


While the electronic cigarette has been around for years, the real revolution is in the liquid used to replace tobacco. This mixture hold the quality of the user experience which is why it is necessary to learn about e-liquids before use.

E-liquids are composed of only four main components, well known to the food and pharmaceutical industries. We are far from the 4,000 substances found in conventional cigarettes with 60 carcinogenic components. These four components are:

-Propylene glycol (PG) is used by the food industry as an additive and as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry and studies have shown no carcinogenic effects. For e-liquids, propylene glycol is used to homogenize mixtures and promotes restitution of aromas.

-Vegetable glycerin (VG) is used by the food industry as an additive and as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry and has a naturally sweet taste. It is the principal ingredient responsible for the density of the vapor generated.

-Flavoring(s) are either natural or artificial depending on the e-liquid manufacturer and generally come from the food industry.

-Nicotine (optional) is of pharmaceutical origin and is severely controlled by government agencies in each country.


How to choose? 


As a beginner, it is difficult to choose an e-cigarette suited for your needs. This is why we have prepared a selection of products (e-liquids and electronic cigarettes), which will ensure ease of use and a pleasant taste to start-off right without making mistakes. The selection is available here "Beginner's choice". 


Practical tip


From experience, we recommend you regularly change e-liquid. Indeed, the human body tends to get used to things it encounters on a regular basis and you may not feel the taste of your favorite e-liquid anymore. By continuously vaping a Banana e-liquid, you may become accustomed to the flavor as it becomes increasingly bland. So to preserve your e-liquid and your original sensations, it is advisable to vary the taste depending on the mood.

For example, in the morning with your coffee, you can vape a chocolaty e-liquid for a Mochaccino effect. After a hearty meal, vape a strong Tobacco flavor if you feel the need of a real cigarette. Vape a minty or fruity flavor on a hot day.


Remember that you no longer smoke, you vape. Enjoy yourself!


If you enjoyed our little beginner's guide, we advise you to go to our section "Beginner's choice" in order to start-off right.