Accu MXJO IMR 18650 3000 mAh 35 A


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Accumulators are batteries for "Mod" type electronic cigarettes.

The MXJO 18650 is the market reference for mod batteries. 

This battery supports sub-ohm coils and preserves the electric stability of the mod, thus reducing the heating of the e cigarette.  

Ideal for all types of use, the MXJO 18650 excels in terms of performance and autonomy. 

More details

Autonomy3000 maH
Continuous discharge current20 A
Maximum discharge current35 A
Diameter18 mm (+/-0.05) mm
Length65 mm (+/-0.05) mm

Security warning: 

In order to preserve your security, your environment, and the performance of your product, we suggest you take into account the following advice

May catch fire or explode if mistreatedKeep temperature below 100°C or 212°F
Do not use if wrapper damagedDo not disassemble, puncture, crush or expose to water
Do not use above constant amp limitDo not put in contact with metal objects
Keep in case if not in useKeep away from children and pets


As a market reference, it is possible to find counterfeits of the MXJO 18650. To help you identify them, here are some security elements 

Each battery holds a security label. Scratch the label to unveil a 12-digit security code. Persue identification here.You will always find "MXJO" marked on top of the battery.
An anti-counterfeiting mark is printed on each battery.