Sweet Revenge DLUO

Le French Liquide


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Sorbet, Fruits Rouges. 

Quoi de plus raffraîchissant qu'une glace en été ? Succombez à la gourmandise de ce sorbet aux fruits rouges parfait les doigts de pieds en éventail.  

Gamme Les Indispensables par Le French Liquide.

Dosage de Nicotine (0, 3, 6 ou 11 mg) et contenance de 10ml.

Plus de détails

Contenance (ml)10 ml
Propylène Glycol (PG) /Glycérine Végétale (VG)50% / 50%

Le French Liquide - Sweet Revenge

Goûts: Sorbet, Fruits Rouges

Information sur Le French Liquide:

Marque Française, Le French Liquide, nous propose une collection d'eliquides premium, 100% français, élaborée et travaillée avec soin. Les e-liquides French liquide ne contiennent ni diacétyle, ni parabène, ni ambrox.

Leur nouvelle game "Les Indispensables" proposent des eliquides originaux, fruités, savoureux ou mentholés. 

E-liquid with an exceeded Best Before Date (BBD)

Important : Not to be confused with a “Use Before Date” (UBD). An e-liquid doesn’t have an expiration date, therefore it has no UBD. You may safely vape an e-liquid several months after the BBD without tasting a difference.

Why is a BBD e-liquid cheaper ?

As an e-liquid doesn’t have a “Use Before Date” (UBD), it has no expiration limit. The indicated date is a “Best Before Date” (BBD). An e-liquid is composed of products from the pharmaceutical industry (Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin) and from the food industry (Aromas/Flavorings). The BBD mainly concerns the Aromas used as they gradually lose their strength through time. Even though it is necessary to wait several months or even years after the BBD to really note a difference in taste, e-liquid producers are obliged by law to state a date of which they consider that their products may potentially start to decrease in quality. Therefore, you may safely vape an e-liquid several months after the BBD without tasting a difference

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