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BBD information

E-liquids do not have a Use Before Date (UBD) and therfore does not expire. However, certain components can be altered with time, mainly the aromas. 

Due to this, e-liquids have a Best Before Date (BBD). When the BBD is passed, there may be a fade away of the flavour. This does not occur right after the BBD. It can take up to several months, even years, depending on the flavour used, after the BBD. Variables that enable to preserve the aroma of an e-liquid are storage and obscurity. At EcigOnly, our products are stored underground at a constant temperature and away from daylight

You might ask yourself: "if an e-liquid can keep its flavour long after the BBD, why is it cheaper?" Clever question. 

The manufacturer is legally obliged to stamp in a BBD according to its in-house observations or according to the each components life span. As a seller, part of the selling commitment is the product validity. It is important to understand that according to the law, a seller is not obliged to lower the price of a product which has an exceeded BBD. However, the seller is obliged to notify the customer of this specificity. 

Here is a magnificent example of our point of view: 

A car with a scratch will always be sold less than that same car without a scratch. The scratch does not stop the car from running, but affects the moral value of it. 

At EcigOnly, we find it logical to lower the price of e-liquids with an exceeded BBD for the simple reason that the moral value of it is different from a same e-liquid within its BBD frame. 


The EcigOnly Team


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