Easy2Mix Kit 200ml 06 mg


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Everything you need to make your own base!

Just pour the bottles of Nicomax (booster) into the base without nicotine to get 200 ml of e liquid with the rate ofnicotine that is written on your box.

It's simple, fast and safe ... it's Easy2Mix!

More details

Volume (ml)200 ml

Characteristics :

  • Composition: 20% PG / 80% VG or 50% PG / 50% VG
  • Bottle of  200 ml with tamper evident ring, child safety, UV filter, tactile triangle for visually impaired people on the label (if nicotine), composition, BBD, lot number
  • Made in France

Composition of packs (depending on the chosen nicotine dosage):

  • 3 mg / mL: 170 mL of 50/50 base without nicotine + 3 boosters in 20 mg / mL
  • 6 mg / mL: 140 mL of 50/50 base without nicotine + 6 boosters in 20 mg / mL

Manual :

  • Open the base without nicotine
  • Pour all the nicotine boosters
  • Add the chosen aroma
  • Shake vigorously

Caution :


Nicotine is a dangerous product, even diluted, which must be handled with great care:

  • Always wear gloves and goggles when handling nicotine bases.
  • Store your nicotine flasks in a place accessible to you only, see under lock, and away from light.
  • Flavors should never be used alone. They must always be mixed in a base.

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