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Concentrated aroma for DIY.

Let yourself be charmed by this mix of red fruits dominated by pomegranate.

Concentrated need to be dilute in a base.


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Volume (ml)10ml
Recommended dosage 50/50 in %15
Maturation time15 to 20 days

Since August 2012, VDLV has focused on the development of high-quality e-liquids with vapological flavors produced in France and selected specifically for their inhalation properties. After a long experimentation phase, VDLV is today a key player in the distribution of e-liquids in France.

Made in France, the concentrates of the brand Vincent dans les Vapes (VDLV) are designed for DIY and are not to be used alone. They must be mixed at the base of your choice to make your e liquid for your electronic cigarette.

Characteristics :

  • Composition: natural and food flavors
  • Bottle of 10 ml with child safety, triangle for visually impaired people on the cap, composition, BBD, lot number
  • Made in France

Conservation :

Keep your product away from light in a dry, cool place.

Maturation :

Maturation is the time required for your preparation  to bring out all its aromas. This step is crucial. Depending on the type of flavor, the maturation time will be longer or shorter.

The aroma is not expressed immediately, it is necessary to count:

  • a minimum of 15 days or even several weeks for tobacco flavorings.
  • a minimum of 48 hours for others.

For a good result, it is necessary to shake the vial once the preparation is complete and repeat the operation a little every day to spread the aroma.

Namely also that the maturation time differs depending on the base used. The higher the level of vegetable glycerin, the longer the maturation time is.

  • Recommended maturation: 15 to 20 days.

Caution :


Nicotine is a dangerous product, even diluted, which must be handled with great care:

  • Always wear gloves and goggles when handling nicotine bases.
  • Store your nicotine flasks in a place accessible to you only, see under lock, and away from light.
  • Flavors should never be used alone. They must always be mixed in a base.
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